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FROM BEGINNER TO PRE-TEAM, All AGES, SKILL LEVELS AND ABILITIES are welcome into our Swim With Gills Family!

Swim With Gills Instructors teach from a Nationally-based Curriculum and are American Red Certified in CPR/First and Safety and most are Lifeguard Certified.

Our philosophy of teaching is simple. We do not 'force' children to learn. Our Trained Instructors guide your child through skills and water safety by creating a trusting and caring relationship. Through fun and interactive 'play,' we maximize your child's comfort zone. At times, parents are in the water, cheering from the side of the pool or watching from a window. Each lesson is geared toward your child. Parents should remember that each child learns differently. Our "Whatever Works" philosophy enables instructors to teach to a child’s individual need to build strength and skills. We teach babies from 6 months old to adults - each needing different lesson approaches and plans. Following the lessons, you’ll be given a variety of ways to practice and promote learning between classes. Water Safetly Lessons for children, adults and care takers are always included in every lesson! All of our instructors are background checked for your family's safety.

"Being in water is about enjoying and exploring movement in a continuing flow of graceful, unforced strokes, when every part of the body seems to be an extension of another part, and nothing is hurried or rushed"

Poetry in Motion, Stephanie Dutton

We are not Traditional Swim Lessons; We are Lessons that Empower Everybody's Learning

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