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Starfish Level Overview

Children may swim with an adult or independently with an instructor. This program increases water comfort and introduces swim movements such as gliding on back and stomach and floating. Creative activities make learning fun for children and adults. Class enrollment limited!

Swim With Gills introduces water safety concepts using inter-active water play while encouraging a healthy recreational habit that your entire family can safely enjoy.

Parents and children learn together to increase a baby’s comfort level in the water and build a foundation of basic skills, such as arm and leg movements and breath control and floating. Often toddlers will accomplish head submersion on their own through imitation and this is the 'make or break' stage for anyone at any age learning to be comfortable in the water. Swimming is a vital skill, but Swim With Gills strives to make learning to swim calm and enjoyable.


In group classes, at this age, children swim with an adult. We do offer private one-on-one lessons where children are in the pool independently with an instructor. Swim diapers are required and can be purchased directly through Swim With Gills.

After head submersion, some children will learn to swim and take a breath on their own (even before the age of three).

According to American Red Cross Exit Skills Assessment 'Learn to Swim Level 1' is to accomplish the following:

  1. Entering the pool independently using either the ladder, steps or side
  2. Travel at least 5 yards - bob 3 times - then safely exit the water (participants can walk, move along the gutter or 'swim'
  3. Glide on front at least 2 body lengths, roll to back float for 3 seconds and recover to a vertical position (this part of the assessment can be done with support).

We are not Traditional Swim Lessons; We are Lessons that Empower Everybody's Learning

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