Adaptive Aquatics

Adaptive Aquatics

We also offer Adaptive Aquatic swimming instruction classes for swimmers with developmental disabilities.

Everyone has limitations.

Swim lessons are a way to facilitate new experiences - helping to develop motor skills, strength, and even social and communication skills.

Swimming can also be fun and relaxing.

So, what is 'Adaptive Aquatics'?

Rather than attempting to answer, we will refer you to two websites of others who are also experienced professionals. These websites will in turn refer you to others which may then refer you to others.

But - once you are satisfied that what you have read is helpful, please come back to our Swim With Gills’ homepage and register. Registering does not obligate you in any way. However, if you think you, or someone you know, can benefit from adaptive aquatics, registering will allow us to discuss any and all special requirements with you. Then, if you decide you would like to work together, you can schedule one or more lessons at your location or ours. Swim With Gills’ Adaptive Aquatic’s Instructors are certified to teach adaptive aquatics. And all Swim With Gills’ instructors are American Red Cross and Water Safety Certified.

Sites we recommend to you:


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