Gardens Gymnastics

Excellence in Children's Fitness

Thank you so much for choosing Gardens Gymnastics and Swim With Gills. We love teaching your children in a clean, safe learning environment. Our boutique style gymnastics facility will help develop your child's self-confidence and strength as our coaching staff will challenge them at their individual level.

Parent/Child Gymnastics

Walking-3 Years Old

  • With Caregivers
  • Co-ed


This exciting parent and child class is filled with singing, jumping, climbing, swinging and tumbling.

Class includes circle time, individualized gymnastics attention, parachute play, and bubble time.

It is the perfect start to help build your toddlers physical, cognitive and social skills in a positive learning environment.

Preschool Gymnastics

3-5 Years Old

  • Independent
  • Co-ed


This independent class includes non-stop gymnastics. 

The fundamentals of gymnastics (& other sports) are developed as children improve their skills on various gymnastics equipment.

This class teaches self-confidence and is filled with laughter and fun.

Recreational Gymnastics

5 - 10 Years Old

  • Independent
  • Co-ed


We use a safe and encouraging method while teaching gymnastics in the most positive and fun environment.

Building self-confidence is most important while students continue to gain strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Class includes warm-up, skill progression and working on various gymnastics apparatuses, as well as conditioning exercises... All of which build a healthy mind and body.

Ninja Classes

4-5  &  6-8 Years Old

  • Independent
  • Co-ed

Ninja Tiger classes challenge students to train on various obstacle courses that are challenging and age appropriate. The classes focus on speed, agility, obstacle course training, and ninja-based gymnastics.


Goal Statement

Swim With Gills and Gardens Gymnastics strives to meet the needs of the community we serve by initiating exceptional, diversified, recreational and educational children’s programs at LA Fitness. Our goal is to provide fitness programs that address the needs of all ages and abilities, including children with delayed emotional and physical developments in need of adaptive sport and play.

Gardens Gymnastics

Questions and Answers

Please arrive to class wearing a Leotard or Athletic Clothing.

Tie up Long Hair and Leave all Jewelry and Accessories at Home. 

If needed, our Pro Shop has Leotards, Swim Gear and other Items Available for Purchase.

Classes are 55 minutes and offered for 12 weeks with Open Enrollment if Space is available.

Additional 30-minute classes are available throughout the week.

Drop-in classes may be available upon pre-registration.

Check availability at SWG - Gardens Gymnastics Classes

Yes! All classes are co-ed.