Learn-to-Swim Level 5:

Class Details:
Stroke Refinement

Prerequisite: Learn-to-Swim Level 4



  • Shallow-angle dive into deep water
  • Tuck surface dive
  • Pike surface dive
  • Tread water for 5 minutes
  • Tread water, using legs only, for 2 minutes
  • Sculling for 30 seconds


  • Front Crawl for 50 yards
  • Elementary Backstroke for 50 yards
  • Breastroke for 25 yards
  • Back Crawl for 25 yards
  • Butterfly for 25 yards
  • Sidestroke for 25 yards
  • Front Flip Turn
  • Backstroke Flip Turn


Exit Assessment

  • Perform a shallow-angle dive into deep water, swim front Crawl for 50yards, then swim Elementary Backstroke for 50 yards, using appropriate and efficient turning styles throughout.
  • Swim Breastroke for 25 yards, change direction and position of travel as necessary, and swim Back Crawl for 25 yards, using appropriate and efficient turning styles throughout.


Safety Focus

  • How to call for help and importance of knowing first aide and CPR
  • Recreational water illnesses
  • Reach or Throw, Don't Go
  • Think So You Don't Sink
  • Look Before You Leap
  • Think Twice Before Going Near Cold Water or Ice
  • Wave, Tide or Ride, Follow the Guide

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